Sunday, 30 January 2011

Exercise 34 - Tungsten and Fluorescent lighting

This exercise was really interesting because it showed me how powerful the human eyes are and how much cameras suffer under tungsten lighting when it would seem to us that there is plenty of light in the room.

I struggled to find a tungsten bulb in my Eco-bulb centric world! This image was taken in my basement which was a struggle as the lit area was down stairs from the window. the image above was taken at a higher iso than the exercise suggested due to hand holding being necessary.
On auto White balance, the White Walls are warmish and the outside light is quite bright and blue.

In daylight white balance the Walls are warmed up a bit too much.

And in the tungsten setting it is all a bit bluer, with the outside light looking a bit too blue.

For the fluorescent images I used two different types of fluorescent light, a strip light in the basement and a spotlight in my kitchen.

My compact camera has got a daylight fluorescent White balance setting which in both photos above makes the image far too warm and quite orange in the potato head example.
In the basement with the strip light the colour is ok, a bit cool but very similar to the auto White balance.
The spotlight in the kitchen has caused a terrible colour in the White fluorescent setting and still looks a bit yellow in the auto setting.
The folder is correct though, all of the fluorescent lights have affected the quality of the photographs negatively
The tungsten lights are a better colour but just too weak to be of much use. With the iso ramped up to allow for hand holding, quality is lost.

This exercise has taught me to be very cautious about interior lighting and perhaps I will read a bit more about colour correction gels for flashes.

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