Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Assignment 3 - Colours: Finalising the submission

Decisions decisions - I've got two more pictures to take for my assignment which I should be able to complete this evening, as long as traffic is reasonable.

In my approach for this assignment I have taken a variety of set arrangements using different co,our combinations to meet the assignment requirements. I have then added a number of found scenes which meet the colour combinations.

After I have finished tonight, I'm going to pick the best four from the four categories and present them in a web album for Simon my tutor. My selection is going to be difficult, but will be made based on the strength of the images and how the colours work in their favour. After I've made the selections I'll post a summary of the processes I went through here.
For now though, below are some of the choices I currently have available to me from the pictures I have taken so far for this assignment:

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