Thursday, 6 January 2011

Lowry Favourites

I went to the Lowry Favourites exhibition the other day and it was really great. I have to say that the Lowry Gallery in Salford is a great place.
The exhibition was interesting as this is the first art exhibition of paintings I have been to see since starting TOAP so it was nice to look at the structures and techniques that had been used and compare them to some of the techniques that I have been learning.
There is a definite correlation between some of the elements of design in section 2 and Lowry's paintings. He uses movement and eye lines a lot, even on his crowd scenes where the figures are quite simplified. He also uses rhythm and pattern quite a lot with his chimneys and mill paintings.
The paintings that affected me the most were the sea scapes which I have never seen before. The are so simple, but so bleak, and on reading that they reflected his lonliness at the time I must admit I felt quite depressed!
I'm not sure how engaging they would be as photographs, but the next time I am at the coast I will definately try to capture a landscape made up of just sea, sky and horizon.


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