Thursday, 20 January 2011

Exercise 30 - Judging Colour Temperature 1

For this exercise I need to take a picture of something without a strong colour.
I will take three photographs:

  • Full Sunlight at midday
  • Shadow at midday
  • Sunset

The white balance must be set to daylight not auto.

Show images side by side and comment in differences in colour.
For this assignment I used my long haired cat who's quite a plain colour. The images I took of him where all taken where he was next to a window, positioned in the right kind of light.

Here he is sat in the sunlight in the middle if the day. The light is neutral in this image and the light is colourless as this is a good representation of his real colour.

This is the image where he has gone into the shade and you can see the blue tones as mentioned in the course folder.

And finally the sunset image. Here, opposite the afternoon sun, the golden tones can be seen. I think his fur enhances this effect as the sun wasn't that strong!

Despite being January I think this exercise has gone reasonably well.

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