Monday, 24 January 2011

Next assignment thoughts

I've already written out this post once but lost due to making the mistake of doing a google image search for Robert Mapplethorpe at work and quickly closing firefox!
I've chosen a brass bunny which has a good size and texture as well as an interesting shape.

This will be gobble-de-gook to most, but will make sense to me:
  • sunset silhouette
  • macro texture
  • lights either side of object like wine bottle example from magazine
  • Bailey-esque face filling frame or Avedon b/w model to right of frame white backdrop
  • Side profile of bunny to show form, lit from left with black fall off
  • Mapplethorpe inspired ice bunny and brass bunny - this one will involve making a latex mould - highly uneccesary but fun!

more notes regarding inspirations from other photogs: - I like the idea of doing a sepia, shop window style image, will need to give this some thought - I could do a black and white face or head and torso shot like Avedon and Bailey favoured - I like the idea of creating an image inspired by this but with a cat walking past

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