Sunday, 23 January 2011

Assignment 3 Feedback

Just received my feedback from my tutor, there overall comments are:

Overall Comments
You have done well with this assignment David; You have fulfilled the briefs well in that you have used a variety of controlled and uncontrolled situations. You have avoided, as suggested in the manual, too much photographing paint as suggested in the manual. Your use of themes including models shows imagination, initiative and commitment. Although you have used of dyes and make up you have at least used the make up in interesting and novel ways. However I do think that on some occasions you have set up the situation and “chosen” the colours but they aren’t always as clear and precise illustrations of the necessary colour as they should be in a chosen situation - I’ll explain more in the specific examples. Although I have one or two issues with some of the submissions but generally they are well executed and show a lot of thought and consideration.

I'm pleased that I have fulfilled the brief and am reflecting on Simons comments that my set up shots didn't always use the right colours. I must admit that the image of the woman with the green straw and orange liquid, did look a bit more yellow than orange to me! Simon picked up on this and I should have known better.

Simon suggested a crop for the gravestone image which is a really good idea and I think that when I submit this batch of images I will take the advice on board.

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