Thursday, 20 January 2011

Exercise 33 - Cloudy Weather and Rain

A sunny and cloudy day
1 - I need to photograph the same view in sunlight and under cloud.
I must choose 2/3 different subjects, building/person/street.

Pairing the images together I need to comment on how many F-stops difference there was between the sunny and cloudy versions. I also need to note if there is a colour difference (the cloudy shots should be bluer).

Overcast Weather

2 - Next take 3 photos outdoors, on an overcast day that make good use of the enveloping, shadowless light. Photos should have detail that have pronounced relief and an object with a strong colour.

These images aren't particularly brilliant or inspiring, but they do prove the point that an overcast day makes the whole sky act as a giant diffuser with no string shadows anywhere and a more flattering, softer light. The shopping centre I was at was much more horrible than it looks in these images thanks to the clouds!

Rainy Days

3 - Finally I need a rainy day. I need to take a photo that makes the most of the rain, glistening light in puddles etc

This is an iPhone image that I took whilst sitting in my car in the rain. My phone was all I had on me and the quality is terrible, but I quite like the patterns of light that the rain drops cause on the windscreen.

The better images came from when me, my 5D and my tripod went out to the local shops in the pouring rain, this shows my dedication to the course as I hate taking my camera out in the rain even if it is weather sealed!

This was a hand-held shot with a high ISO. I really like this shot, the rain adds a gleam to the road and pavement and reflects the light back up in a pleasing manner.
Classic rain shot where the human interest draws the eye and adds to the drama. The wet reflections off the man's coat give texture and form to him.

This is a shot that I like due to the subject matter. The deflated, abandoned ball looks like it has been submerged in a much deeper pool of water than it is. It suggests a child playing and then abandoning their game when the rain started. the ball is nestled at the end of the yellow line curves as well which makes it quite geometrically pleasing.

This is another good human interest image with the blind man and his carer walking through the rain. the reflections on the road make the image brighter. 

I played around with the tones on this image to achieve a vintage, holga style image. I wanted the colour tones to match the bleakness of the image.

This is a tripod shot with a 2 second exposure at 50 ISO to see what the rain looks like on a longer shutter speed. Light trails from the cars passing dominate the image and I dont think this really works as a 'rain' shot.

The jogger and the woman crossing the road make this shot interesting. The rain makes the colours of the cafe more dominant in the image by reflecting them across the bottom of the scene.

This is another image where I have changed the highlight tones to a blue to make the rain seem more, well liquid I suppose. It works well here as the pavement takes a pounding from the constant down pour.

This last image is a classic rain street photography shot with the poor woman cowering under her small brolly. The rain brightens the available light with each streak. What I particularly like are the rain drops on the tree branches.

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