Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Exercise 35 - Outdoors at night

I liked this exercise as I enjoy taking night shots and there is a lot of potential in outdoors photography at night.
The colours of artificial light are much richer and brighter at night due to being the only light source around. They still look very artificial but become more appealing somehow.

As part of the exercise I took photos for all of the sections below but the ones I have posted here for the car light streaks and the interior are older photos that I took whilst learning to use my camera.

This is the first time I've done this on the course and it's because I am quite proud of the photos in question and they fit the point of the exercise so well.

Floodlit Building

The flood lights on this department store, and all flood lit buildings really, is a softer, diffused light which is designed to show the shape and the size of a building in an economical way.

Brightly Lit Store Front


The store fronts are dominated by really bight fluorescent lights combined with neon. These two very bright lights are an interesting contrast as the neon emits it's particular colour with extreme luminance, and the fluorescent light emits a bright white light which can be seen from very far away.

Large Brightly Lit Interior

The store interiors are mainly lit by fluorescent tubes which are as bright as the human eye can cope with in order to make the customers feel bright and awake so that they can continue shopping despite the darkness outside. I took these photos in the Andale Centre using a Lensbaby to achieve the tilt-shift toy effect.

Busy Road

The gas street lights cause a star effect on the long exposure that these pictures of the curry mile demonstrate. The head lights and brake lights of passing cars cause interesting light streaks. These are photos that i took a while ago but they show how the light streaks can cause dominant, dynamic lines that imply movement and drama. 

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