Saturday, 26 February 2011

Part Five - Narrative and Illustration: Research

Well I'm now on the final part of the module - yikes! A lot of people in their blogs and on flickr seem to refer to this section as the part where you show off everything that you've learnt so far. I don't know it that was the case in the old version of TOAP or if it's relief at being near the end, but this is a section I have looked forward to because I've never worked with layouts or anything like that, and I like telling stories with photographs and I like sequence shots. I've mentioned Duane Michals before in this blog and I'd like to create something similar to some of his work here.

The first instruction in this section is about researching an event. I've been thinking about doing a parkrun that is quite local to me so I've just fired off an email to them asking if I can photograph next Saturdays run.

Parkruns are free, organised 5K runs that happen all over the UK and are sponsored by the big sports companies. Going off the website they seem to be very friendly, so hopefully they will be open to it.

Tomorrow, I hope to have a positive reply, and following that I will go for a recon trip around the park to come up with a plan for capturing the event.
At the moment, my picture script would be something like this:

  • Shots of organisers setting up
  • Shot of organisers discussing something
  • People arriving
  • Runners scanning their barcode into the reader
  • The starting line
  • The starting pistol (if there is one)
  • Runners at at least 2 different spots around the course
  • The finishing line
  • People celebrating / commiserating etc

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