Sunday, 6 February 2011

Exercise 38 - Contrast and Shadow Fill

Regarding these exercises, I'm starting to get into a routine now where I type up the requirements before taking the shot which gives me time to think about it and make sketches etc. So I'm going to try and arrange my exercises with a "before" and "after" section.

Pre Shoot Notes

For this exercise I am not sure whether or not the five images with reflector should use diffused or hard light. So I'll do both and make sure I take careful notes during shooting so I know which is which.

Anyway I will take the following photos to demonstrate contrast levels:

1. Without a diffuser, no reflector
2. With a diffuser, no reflector
3. White reflector opposite, 3ft away, undiffused
4. White reflector opposite, 3rd away diffused
5. White reflector opposite, 1.5 ft away undiffused
6. White reflector opposite, 1.5 ft away diffused
7. Dull foil opposite, undiffused
8. Dull foil opposite, diffused
9. Shiny foil opposite, undiffused
10. Shiny foil opposite diffused
11. crumpled foil opposite, undiffused
12. Crumpled foil opposite diffused

Post Shoot 

Diffuser Shots

The diffuser shots offer a nice, less contrasty version of the subject. I labelled each shot with the type of diffusion that was used, this isn't easily readable here I know, but the order is the same as the running order above. The image gets less contrast and more filled shadows with the more reflection that is used.

Undiffused Shots

The undiffused shots show the same pattern except for the crumpled foil seems to have provided more contrast here. I'm assuming that this is because the light concentration is smaller and some of the bounced light will have fallen outside the frame, unlike the diffused light which will have hit the crumpled foil from more angles.

This has been a fun exercise. I have started reading the Light:Science and Magic book thats on the reading list and the exercise has really drawn my attention to some of the examples in the book, especially where it is talking about the family of angles.

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