Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Assignment 4 Rejects

Following feedback on my previous assignment, I decided for the lighting assignment that I would take direct inspiration from famous photographs.
One of the ideas I decided to use as inspiration, was Richard Avedon's signature style of the black and white shot with the high key background and sort of, 3/4 framing.


As you can see from the shot above, I've now done this with my chosen object for the assignment but I've decided to reject it. It would work well for 'shape' but not 'form'. It just doesn't represent the 3D aspects of the shape as it's face on and despite trying a few different lighting types, it just doesn't work.
So I thought I'd at least post it here to show it as a rejected idea, but still a success in some respects!

This is another reject. I've got a load of spares from this assignment, but this is one that I really struggled with. I really like this shot, it fits the 'shape' brief but ultimately I decided to reject it and choose another because the shot that I have chosen meets the 'shape' criteria on two counts - as will be seen in the submission!

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