Sunday, 6 February 2011

Exercise 37 - The lighting angle

I used my portable softbox again for this exercise an managed to find a model to sit for me, which saved using Mr Potato Head again!

Following the instructions of the exercise, these pictures speak for themselves really. I used a high (for me) ISO of 400 in order to allow for the failing light in the evening.

Light Next to camera

This is a good shot, the softbox sat just to the side of the camera so the 'flat' flash look is avoided.

Light to the model's left

A nice detail of the face, but only one side of the face as shadow dominates too heavily.

Light to the model's behind left

Almost a silhouette, the models shape and defined lines are dominant.

Light behind model

The silhouette shot. This would have been a better shot if the softbox was bigger.

Light to the model's behind right

The same effect is shown, but with less light as the previous behind shot as it was further away from the window light.

Light to the model's right

Again, a similar shot to the left shot.

Light directly above model

Not the most flattering shot, and the least favourite of the model!

Light behind model from above

Another, darker silhouette with not detail of the face at all.

Light in front of model from above

Quite a good shot, probably my favourite as the model's features are shown in quite a flattering light. This is a very masculine shot and would not work with a woman as well. Had he tilted his head up, to allow more light on the eyes, this would have been an excellent shot.

Once I had ticked the exercise boxes, I changed lenses to my 70-200mm and moved further away from the model, which probably relaxed him. of the shots I then took, with the light higher to but to the model's right, this is probably the best in my opinion:

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