Monday, 7 February 2011

Exercise 39 - Concentrating the Light

Pre Shoot Notes

The brief for this exercise is much more open to experimentation than any of the lighting exercises to date. This is good because it would have been very time consuming to replicate an exact copy of another spot lit image.

I will use my snoot attachment for my flash and position it around the room.
Post Shoot

One thing that changed once I had started to shoot, was the placement of the flash and snoot. I could not balance the snoot properly so what I ended up doing was to set the camera on a 2 second delay and hold the snoot and flash myself.

I used my Mr Potato Head again for this task but I also added in a morrocan hurricane lamp and a crystal paper weight.

Moving aroind the still life arrangement, my aim was to light the different parts.
These first four pictures show partial lighting from the side, a full spot light on Mr PH with a nice shadow result, spot light on the lamp with a shadow and a spot light on Mr PH again from the other side.

The second set of four images show a spot light in front of all objects, the paper weight being spot lit, partial side lighting on all objects and a top down spot light.

It's hard to plan exactly where the beam will fall with a flash but fun experimenting.

It's also interesting seeing the difference that the lighting makes to the colours and reflections in the image.

Mr PH looks like he has rosy cheeks in one (top set, top right image)

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