Sunday, 12 September 2010

Exercise - Object in Different Positions in the frame

Here are my favourite six images taken of a man walking alongside the river.
As an experiment, I have imported the Raw files onto my iPad and edited them using Adobe Photoshop express.

Using the iPad was reasonably successful as a workflow. I was not planning on doing much post production to these images as their purpose is more about analysing the position of the subject.

I converted each image to black and white, added a green tint, turned down the saturation, sharpened and increased the contrast. I wanted the main subject, the walking man, to draw the eye and the composition has achieved this. The main reason for the editing was to see the features of Photoshop express. The biggest issue is that the saturation is different between the different images as I could not swap between the images or view two at once within Photoshop Express.

I then put the images in an app that allows collages to be made and ordered them in order of my preference from left to right with the image at the bottom right being my least favourite.

When the man is centred in the frame there is a loss of motion whereas when he is at the edge of the frame there seems to be more animation to the picture.

The more successful images also place the path towards the bottom of the frame. This shows more context regarding his surroundings and as the grass bank beneath the path has little of interest, it doesn't really improve the image.

Really, I like the first five with only the centred image being dissatisfying.
When the subject is surrounded by the background, it's relationship with it is ambiguous, you can't really get an idea of where the man is going and where he has been.

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