Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Exercise 4 - Shutter Speeds

For this exercise I had a number of subjects in mind,  was determined not to stand out on the street and do cars, so after a bit of deliberation, I decided to use one of the fast moving objects that nearly trips me over a few times a day.

I did promise myself at the start of this course that I would avoid too much cat photography, but hey, you have to indulge yourself on occasion.

I used my 50mm lens as the pictures were taken in my poorly lit living room quite late at night so I needed as large an aperture as possible.
I could have used flash but then I would not have got a true range of shutter speed movement as flash can freeze a moving object at a slower shutter speed.
Here are the images I took:

This exercise was interesting as I needed to hold the cat toy that I was using at arms length and focus on it, I then left the lens on manual focus and started taking the pictures.
This creates an interest effect where sometimes the cat is in focus and other times the toy is. Either way it nicely demonstrates the effects of different shutter speeds as the frantic movement is initially frozen in place and then eventually becomes a blur.

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