Saturday, 18 September 2010

Exercise 8 - A sequence of composition

This exercise was a real challenge, I misunderstood it at first and thought that I should be following a sequence of events and spent a few days trying to think of what to shoot. 

After I realised that I should be finding people in a situation where they were busy doing something interesting, I decided that the best bet would be a charity function I am photographing tomorrow, but when I was in town today trying to practice street photography (by asking people if they minded me taking their photos, asked 4 people, 100% success) I walked through a small food market and started taking photos.

As per the brief I started taking pictures as soon as I decided it was an interesting subject and kept my eye to the viewfinder, this did mean I tripped over two people.
Here are the images I took:

As an exercise, this was great. I knew there was a great shot in the area and I kept on moving around and talking to people as I did. This doesn't come naturally and I really had to push through my comfort zones.

I asked the women in the churros stall if I could take their picture and decided to take a wide angle straight on as they worked.

This should have been the final shot of the sequence but people kept on getting in the way, the shot above doesn't even show how I wanted to frame it as people walking behind me kept on jostling me forward.

I decided that a single stall shot wasn't going to work so I decided on a wide angle shot showing both sides of the market.

I'm happy with this shot, I did take two after it but that was more to do with not trusting my own judgement. I haven't done any post processing on any of these shots. The final shot could use a bit of exposure tweaking in the foreground.

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