Monday, 20 September 2010

Assignment 1 - Contrasts Prep Work

Starting to put together my first assignment. Ideas I am working on at the moment:

Large / Small - Joint, yellow car
Transparent / Opaque - something with coloured film
Diagonal / rounded - shot in alley in town
Pointed / Blunt - macro of a needle with thread, blunt?
Liquid / Solid - ?? jelly?
Hard / Soft - lensbaby?
Smooth / rough - macro shots
Still / Moving - water
Straight / curved - tram lines

I've got some clear ideas for some of the combinations, but for some of the others I want to think about it for a while before committing to an idea.

Looking for contrasts in existing portfolio

So looking through some of my existing portfolio, I have found these shots that show nice contrast of theme.

Soft Dog - Hard Cash

Straight Lines - Curved Leaf

Broad Park - Narrow street

Liquid and Solid

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