Monday, 27 September 2010

Exercise 12 - Positioning The Horizon

I really wanted to approach this exercise using a wide, distant horizon that would emphasise the point the folder was making about the placement of the horizon and how it affected the composition.

The first two 'horizon placements' gives a great emphasis on the sky and makes the clouds and the sunlight feel very large and dramatic.

As the ground starts to pull equal emphasis in the framing of the scene and the horizon placement moves towards the middle, the impact of the sky is reduced and the impact of the whole scene is diminished.

As the placement of the horizon is moved towards the top of the frame, the foreground takes prominence and as we reach the final image the wall splits the scene into three rows of subject matter, the field, the distant landscape and the sky above the horizon.

The placement of the horizon moves the focus points of the image and the area within the frame that is given prominence can be changed depending on the intention of the photographer and the purpose of the image. Should the weather have been the main subject then the low horizon would be a useful tool, should the foreground be the important subject, then a high horizon removes distracting sky.

My personal preference? Of these shots I like the sky shots, but the middle horizon shots do a good job of showing Manchester from a distance as well.

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