Monday, 6 September 2010

Exercise 2 - Focus with a set Aperture

I'm not thrilled with today's exercise. The weather put my off the grave yard so I went to the local train station hoping to get a nice deep shot of the tracks and some buildings or trees, sadly the tracks are raised quite high and the sky was really overcast so there wasn't much do.
I took some pictures for the second part of the exercise, at different apertures, so little success.
Arrived home and decided to use some props in the basement.

Image 1 - the green bottle is in focus

Image 2 - the golf clubs are in focus

Image 3 - the bike is in focus

This feels like a let down as the images are not pleasant in any sense, although it ticks a box that I understand focal points. 

I did manual focus though with reasonable success, although the green bottle in the first photo has been sharpened slightly!

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