Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Exercise 3 - Focus with different Apertures

Made it to the grave yard after work today, is huge, must go back and wander around a bit more but felt a bit self concious today with tripod, will go back without and do some more relaxed picture taking.

Quite like this one though:

This image was taken fully centred but I cropped it to the left as the front of the scene seemed a bit flat and the light coming through the left hand wasn't as nice.

Back to the task. I set up the tripod with the 50mm lens, chosen so that the widest aperture would really show a fall off in focus from the main focus point.

I tried a few different rows of graves and then compared them in Lightroom, mostly to choose the 3 which showed the greatest different in focused area.

The first image, at F1.4 shows clearly the affect that aperture has on the area of the frame in focus. The depth of field is very narrow here and only the area immediately around the point of focus, which was the white grave for all 3 photos, is in focus.

The image at F8 is a lot sharper but there is still noticeably less focus in the trees at the top and right of the image due to the focal point being towards the bottom left

The final image at F22 is almost totally sharp in all parts of the frame except for the edges

This exercise would probably be better suited to a landscape that goes off into the distance, but the graves do make the point well. I think what helps is the text on the nearest graves which, when out of focus, help demonstrate the point.

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