Saturday, 30 October 2010

Exercise 23 - Rhythm and Patterns

I was initially worried about thus exercise, I was worried that I didn't have a good enough understand of the difference between rhythmic elements and patterns to be able to produce enough images. In the end I found a lot more rhythm options than pattern options.

There was also an element of not wanting to 'waste' a good rhythm image on an exercise when I knew I would need one for my next assignment.
Here is my rhythm photograph.

This photo was taken with the 5D and the 100mm macro lens. I used the lens because I wanted to throw as much of the frame out of focus as possible as I was interested to see if the rhythm of the photo was dependent on the focus of the whole subject. I think this photo proves that it isn't and that the eye will still move across the frame regardless.

The pattern image is a photo of my bedside lamp. This is a bit of a cheat because the pattern is man made and intentional but I struggled to find patterns that weren't explicit and I like the colours and the feeling of motion in this.

But it it a crop of the original, which is below and my preferred photo. The exercise stated that the pattern should fill the frame, but I don't think that this photo loses the pattern as focus and the emptiness on the left of the frame gives it more prominence, as does the loss of focus.

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