Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Exercise 20 - Curved Lines

The next task asked for curves both actual and implied. I've struggled with this one as I don't seem to naturally spot curves as much as I do other graphical elements on a day to day basis.
All of these images wee taken with the compact camera and some are technically much better than others. But the important things is the capture of the curves.

The curved lines here are the metal frames of the bike shed and the curve is quite prominent being in the front of the image and then repeating, albeit decreased towards the background.

I like this image although it has been quite over saturated in post production. The curve here is a bit less dominant than the bike shed, it is a nice clean line though and it leads the eye around the image nicely.

This image was a bit opportunistic. The curves of the drawer handles form a nice break in the horizontal line of each drawer.

Another opportunistic image! I was getting worried that the curves I had photographed so far were too contrived and the images were intestine but not unique. I thought of the urinal as an interesting image as something that occurs in everyday life (well for men) but is rarely photographer and often has a strong curve. I converted to greyscale and added a colour tint to warm up the image but keep the shape of the object the focus.

This photo is terribly blurred and I took it whilst cycling to work. Despite it being a terrible photo technically, the curve of the tree is quite strong and I wanted to include a curve that wasn't man made. I could retake this image with the 5D or during daylight and get a better result.

The last image is a curve that is implied by a series of traffic cones. I wanted to include an implied line and it took quite a while to find one. Again, a technically poor image, taken in the dark, but it serves a purpose. The picture has been over sharpened in post production.

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