Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Exercise 26 - Colour Relationships - Part 2

Considering colours in combinations that appeal to me was interesting. I started off with a Christmas display in my local John Lewis store. The display consists of red, yellow, teal, orange, magenta and violet circles hanging down in columns. This is quite a complicated combination of colours and the whilst the yellow and violet are complimentary, as are (with a stretch of definition) the magenta and teal, there are some contrasting colours combinations here, orange and violet, teal and violet and yellow and red. but this works, it is a celebration of colour and I think that the contrasts are balanced out by the complimentary relationships and the fact that each colour is equally balanced in size and number of circles.

The next combination of colours that appealed to me was a family knitted quilt which serves the crucial purpose of stopping the cats from scratching the sofa arms. 
The colours here are quite subdued due to being dyed wools that are quite old, but the reds, oranges and violets are quite dominant in the photo and these colours are next to each other on the colour wheel, and shown in the image in different hues, so they work well together, to the point that the small amount of blue isn't noticeable until the photo is scrutinised.

Of all of the complimentary colours on the wheel, my favourite combination is red and green. I like these colours together because green is so natural and red is so deep, they work together and create different meanings. The other reason why this works is that it features in nature so often with many different red fruits, leaves, berries and flowers all being supported by green stems or branches. The mossy wall shows a subdued version of the colours but it is still a combination that works well. 

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