Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Assignment 3 - Ideas

Here are my current working notes for the next assignment.

Assignment Three - Planning

A - Colour Harmony: Complimentary Colours
Yellow and purple, orange and blue, red and green
B - Colour Harmony: Similar Colours
green and yellow, yellow and orange, orange and red, red and violet, violet and blue, blue and green
C - Colour Contrast
Yellow and red, orange and violet, violet and green, green and orange, blue and yellow, blue and red
D - Colour Accent
Any spot Colour

  1. Fashion shots with Andrea
  2. Colored water drops
  3. Flowers on graves
  4. Powdered paint / Lego / boats and buildings / front doors / colored gels

Fashion shoot plan
A. Green nails held against face with red lips
B. Pink lashes with purple eye shadow
C. Red lipstick and blue glasses
D. Depending on models eye colour, blue or green eye shadow with black sparkle lashes
Shooting order - C, A, B, D

Colored drops plan
A. Orange and blue
B. Green and yellow
C. Blue and yellow
D. Pink or blue

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