Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Assignment 3 - Prep Work

I'm currently working on Assignment 3 and I thought I'd update some of the notes that I have made regarding the make-up colour shoot that I have planned.

The first stage of the plan was to buy some make-up which I must say, having never done before, it's really expensive! I'm not sure how women manage to buy it, but I have been assured by my model, Andrea, that it lasts a long time. So the first notes were made, using the trusty iPad and the Adobe Ideas App, based on the makeup that I have bought.
The next step was to work out the best combinations of colours from what I had bought. I had selected certain items from around the colour wheel and I wanted to make sure that whilst I was demonstrating the different colour combinations, I didn't make my model look like a clown! The colours needed to be muted and complimentary. 

The photos have been taken and I am very happy with them, but I want to wait until I have all of my colour photographs for assignment 3 before I put anything on here.

I have also completed the water drop series of photos which I am quite happy with. I have started doing some found pieces, but am not thrilled with the results so far. It's a very drab time of year to do this project but I am determined not to let that stop me!

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