Sunday, 12 December 2010

Exercise 26 - Colour Relationships - Part 1

The first part of this exercise was relatively simple in execution but difficult to decide what the subject was. I decided it would be fun to go to a department store and rearrange things to suit my needs. 

Red and Green 1:1
For the red/green image I picked two different shapes to try and play with the different weightings of the colour but with an even proportion. I like this image as it makes you take a second look before you really see that the colour weighting is reasonably even. In retrospect I should have moved the plate and cups from around the bottom of the image.

Yellow and Violet 1:3
I'm really pleased with this picture. I tried a few different objects in the store which weren't really the right proportions but this works well even though the yellow is sporadic flashes across the image.
Orange and Blue 1:2
The proportions of this image were easy because I found two cushions that were blue and one which was orange and placed them together. The image was composed in the camera so that none of the area around the cushions was visible. This leads to a strong image with the complimentary colours.

Overall I think the 3 images show the colour relationships well and adjusting the proportions wasn't an issue for the yellow/violet or orange/blue photos, but as I said above, I probably should have prepared the scene better for the red/green picture.

I think these images show that the colours opposite each other on the wheel have very definite and pleasing relationships with each other when used in the right ratios.

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