Sunday, 14 November 2010

Successful L Panel Submission

Yesterday was a very proud day, after 18 months of working on it, attending advisory days and waiting for opportunities, I submitted a panel of 10 photos to the Royal Photographic Society and recieved my Licentiateship certificate from them, so I can now use the letters LRPS after my name.

This was my winning panel. A lot of people went with themes but I stuck to the letter of the manual and showed different techniques. I'm really pleased, it was totally nerve wracking and an exhausting day!


  1. Congratulations on your LRPS. I'm hoping to achieve mine after doing some more of TAOP.
    It'll be ARPS next?

  2. Thanks Nicola, I'm going to finish TOAP and then start People and places to try and decide what my focus should be for the ARPS, I'm giving myself 2 years. Try and attend an advisory day if you can, the feedback is really valuable as the RPS judges have a few things they don't like, such as high key and sunsets!