Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Assignment 4 - Feedback

Recieved my feedback for assignment 4.

Overall Comments
You have done well with this assignment David; You have fulfilled the briefs well in that you have used a variety of lighting techniques to get the best out of the 4 themes of shape, form, texture and colour.

I have one or two issues with some of the submissions and will go into detail in my comments on the individual images, but generally they are well executed and show a lot of thought and consideration.

I'm pleased about this bit too:
I have commented in the past about including some information about the influences of other photographers work and it’s good to see you doing this on this occasion


Frustrating comment:

Frustrating because I always get this mixed up!

Favourite comment:

Colour 2
I really like your use of the blue ice bunny to contrast the brass colour of the bunny – it shows good imagination and a useful influence of another photographer

Simon made a cropping suggestion which I will think about and also pointed out that my WB might have been a bit off on another. He suggested that I could have taken some shots of the back of the bunny, I did try one, seen here http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-iGrtzCuphbs/TWemvwEJR0I/AAAAAAAAJF8/Xs46bhpxGY0/s1600/colour_rejects.jpg

but it lost something for me.

I'm going to continue with the exercises for part 5 and then after that is submitted, work through changes and fixes for all the assignments.
You talk of possibly using a wider aperture to increase detail but wanted to keep the background blurred. I think that you mean you could have used a narrower aperture (smaller hole) ie something like f8 or f11. Widening the aperture say to f5.6 or even f2.8 will result in a narrower depth of field.

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